Realistic IT Budget Cuts and Finding More Money…

Business…it’s so cyclical. We go through lush years when the primary focus is just “getting things done” and we grow fat, then we hit a slow down and we suddenly have to watch our dollars and the primary focus becomes “get it done…but don’t spend any money” and we are forced on a diet.

Unfortunately, in the directive to cut costs – we don’t always do it in the best fashion. There are costs you can cut in your IT budget without impacting service – they never should have been there in the first place…they came from lack of time and desire for convenience.

Where to look:
1) Software licensing agreements and maintenance plans
2) Telecommunications costs
3) Outsourcing agreements

If you don’t have the talent in-house to do this, hire it out.

A reputable consultant will be able to tell you after a quick look if there is money to be saved – so you should know without incurring costs (or possibly very minimal costs) to what magnitude your savings opportunities are – they should full justify the cost of the consultant plus significant savings to your organization.

Additionally – there is money on the table when you are signing or renewing a deal. Make sure you’re working with an expert who knows how to get you the most from your negotiations.

Don’t wait until your budget is due to start this process…get a jump start and get it done now – you know budget time is always a crunch…

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