Software management services (sam)

Software Asset Management (SAM) Services

Unbiased, knowledgeable advice is paramount to making the correct SAM choices. — Cynthia Farren

SAM Services:

A typical company invests 29% of their technology spend on software and another 22% on Cloud services combining for over 50% of IT spend. Let us help you ensure this investment is spent wisely and managed appropriately in order to curtail costs and manage risk.

Cynthia Farren Consulting’s (FARREN) Software Asset Management services are designed to provide you and your team with the knowledge and direction to be more agile and provide your company with the tools and resources needed to meet your evolving business needs.

SAM Services

At FARREN, our approach to Software Asset Management (SAM) stands out from the rest:

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Software Asset Management FAQ

  • What is software asset management (SAM)?

    Software asset management (SAM) is a strategic initiative that enables organizations to achieve maximum value from their cloud and software investments.

  • What are the goals of software asset management?

    The goals of software asset management are to reduce software license and cloud costs, minimize the time spent managing software and reduce the security and compliance risks to the organization.

  • How do you manage software licenses effectively?

    An effective SAM program requires a combination of the proper people, processes, tools and knowledge to be successful.

  • What are the challenges of software asset management?

    Management buy-in.

    SAM requires cross-functional processes and support, and has both upfront and ongoing costs. Being able to tie your savings back to those costs is important.


    You can only manage what you know. If your SAM tool and processes do not encompass the entire real estate you are basically ignoring or guessing at the remainder. Either way, make sure you have processes that, at a minimum, encompass your entire environment.

    Must be flexible.

    SAM is supposed to support the business, not stand in its way. To ensure controls are met while supporting business needs you need a cross-functional team and a SAM Manager who is able to successfully manage the moving parts.