Documentation Services

“Clear, concise, accessible documentation is an imperative in today’s business.” — Cynthia Farren

Documentation Services


Whatever your documentation need, at Cynthia Farren Consulting (FARREN) we have the skills to make your project a success. Our specialists are knowledgeable and efficient – we can provide you with clear, concise and...
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Providing accessible, easy to follow educational guides to your customers or employees is key to any project’s success.Whether it’s a training curriculum, Online Help or a user guide, the adult learning experts at...
Documentation Services


The ability to transform complex technical jargon into simple, easy to understand documentation is a unique skill. The specialists at Cynthia Farren Consulting excel at the research and interview skills necessary to ...
Documentation Services

Procedural & Process

Processes and procedures help organizations ensure that controls are being maintained, regulations are being met and that employees are able to efficiently complete their work. However; without proper documentation...