Software Procurement Negotiations

“Go beyond the traditional mere cost avoidance in your negotiations, gain value.” — Cynthia Farren

Stop leaving money on the table during your software or services negotiations!

At Cynthia Farren Consulting (FARREN) we leverage our extensive knowledge of negotiation best practices, fulfillment channel operations, publisher practices, volume licensing options and product use rights to ensure your company is getting all of the discounts and benefits available.

FARREN’s flexible client approach allows you to leverage us in the best model to fit your needs:

Our clients have credited us with saving them between 10-30% on their negotiations, talk to us to see how much we can negotiate for your company.

Our software contract negotiation services are available as either fixed price or for a contingency based fee based upon your financial requirements.

Review our Negotiating Tips for some basic advice and then call or contact us to find out how we can help you with your specific needs.

Microsoft Agreement Negotiation FAQ

  • How do I determine the appropriate licensing for my organization's needs?

    Start first with understanding what you need.

    What are your primary applications and who needs to access them? Is all access requirements the same or can some be web only, etc.?

    Then understand your organization’s ability to track and manage consumption.

    Do you need to buy as you go, or can you accurately manage an annual true-up?

    Figure out your upgrade path and frequency.

    Is this a one time need or will you use the software and future?

    That will then lend itself to the best agreement type (or types, because you do not have to only stick with one).

  • What happens if a negotiation for a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is unsuccessful?

    There are many ways to purchase Microsoft software. If a negotiation is not garnering the results your business’s needs, we simply pivot to look at what is the best alternative. A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is not always the best solution for an organization, sometimes it is a good fit for part of the organizations needs but not for others.

    We don’t just negotiate Microsoft Enterprise Agreements; we help align the Microsoft offerings to what will best suit your needs.