Do It Yourself or Have a Professional Do It For You?

Sorry I’ve been rather quiet the past couple of months…we’ve been launching a new service (or more accurately – finally marketing an old service) and that’s been distracting me a bit.

What we’re doing is finally offering our SAM managed services offering (LOL…OK, when we started doing this 10 years ago we were calling it Outsourcing) to all of our clients.

Basically, we do everything to give you the information you need to run your business with the appropriate software licensing at the appropriate cost. See, for us – that’s easy. We live and breathe software licensing, processes, controls and negotiations. We keep up with what’s going on in the marketplace, because it’s our business. Typically companies (excluding large enterprises) simply can’t dedicate the resources to do this in a cost efficient manner. For us to do it, the service pays for itself and you’re not running the risk that you’re relying on a staff member whose knowledge is from 2 versions ago.

We’re not looking to replace your current staff members…we’re looking to free up their time so they can focus on areas that move you forward.

Our service has been extremely successful – we’ve been told by our clients that the price is attractive, the deliverables timely and needed, and the independent relationship (not the reseller, etc) extremely beneficial and ties in well with internal governance programs.

However; I’m curious, what are your thoughts?…What would you want in such a service? How often would you want it? What would you want to pay for it? Would you want a service like this?

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