Ways to Cut Costs – Software Licensing

It’s funny – when times are lush, companies feel they don’t have the time to put in a SAM program…when times are tight, companies feel they don’t have the money to put in a SAM program.

Unfortunately, it’s a Catch 22…if you had a SAM program, your staff would have more time because they would be more efficient and you’d have more money because you wouldn’t be wasting it on higher maintenance fees and over priced products.

Sorry, I’m on my soapbox and I know it. Just remember, it doesn’t take as much time or as much money as you think it does and the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Two recent items have come up that impact the costs of software licensing:

1) Microsoft Financing – they’ve just changed the rules.
2) Webinar Series “Cutting Costs – Software Negotiation”

Microsoft Financing (for those of you who didn’t know it, Microsoft will finance your deals that involve purchases of Microsoft software as well as hardware and other services) has changed the rules a bit. It used to be that you didn’t have to buy much software to finance your whole deal…apparently they are now going to require that at least 35% of the deal be for Microsoft software. Read the details for Scott Bekker’s blog.

Webinar Series on cutting costs through software negotiations. For 10 years we’ve been helping our clients cut their costs (after they’ve already internally negotiated the deals). We’re now offering a webinar to help teach you some of our techniques. This series isn’t about contract law, it’s about understanding the insides of the deal and turning it into cash and benefits for your company.

So, I know many of you are trying not to spend money right now on software…don’t forget – those annual maintenance agreements you’re paying is still spending money and many of them can still be renegotiated to lower your costs!

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