Microsoft Windows Server Price Increase? Check Your Sources!

It has come to my attention that one of the large resellers is telling their US clients that Microsoft will be doing a 15% price increase on Microsoft Windows Server products effective January 1, 2012. The information I’ve received is that this is not accurate, that it does not apply to the US (Latin America may want to check into it though). 

However; I’m not a reseller and I’m not Microsoft so I don’t have access to price lists. So, the point of my story? Check your sources! If one of your resellers is giving you this advice, please check it out with another reliable reseller and with your Microsoft account team. 
 Additionally, if your reseller does give you this type of wrong advice…might be time to re-evaluate resellers. Yes, everyone can make mistakes – but I’ll tell you frankly, this reseller has been on my list of “least desirables” for a long time due to some of their practices and this just put a nail in their coffin for me. 
Happy Holidays – and here’s hoping that January doesn’t bring a price increase on Microsoft Server products!
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