Microsoft Licensing an In-depth Webinar Course

For years I’ve been asked to teach a class on Microsoft licensing. Not the surface stuff you find out easily but the in-depth ins and outs that folks responsible for appropriately licensing (or architecting) their environment need to know about.

My only problem with doing so is that adult retention isn’t that great…so I’d pour tons of information into their brains for hours on end and they’d walk away knowing maybe 3 key items. That doesn’t solve the problem!

Now, I’ve finally done it in a way I can feel good about…a webinar series that is recorded and made available to attendees after they walk away! The course is broken down into 5 consecutive weekly webinars lasting 2 hours each (that’s 10 hours of actual content, but served in bite sized chunks).

This will allow attendees to:

  • Learn in-depth Microsoft licensing details from an independent expert,
  • Eliminate licensing ambiguities when negotiating Microsoft agreements,
  • Save money through better leveraging licensing and knowing key negotiating tips,
  • Be able to review content “on demand” after completion of the course while saving on travel costs!

Early bird discounts are available for the first series until March 9, 2011…each early bird window closes two weeks prior to the start of training.

Check out the course here.

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